I am an Airline Pilot of 6 years, and a proud member of the FourPercent affiliate marketing success group.

I am an academic with a foolishly wide range of interests: exercise physiology, biology, science, physics, self-development, and of course, internet entrepreneurship.

I use this website to reach people who have a hunger and passion for wanting to become successful, independent, and financially free.  I feel that it is my responsibility to connect with and help thousands of other people who are in desperate need of the very best tools, resources, and guidance that I was seeking out when beginning to build my business online.  It is my hope that I can help save my fellow entrepreneurs as much time, money, and headaches as possible in the realization of their financial dreams as an online marketer.

The Mission

My goal is to create a central space where my aspiring internet entrepreneurs can come to obtain all the best tools, resources, and training available so that we can all succeed in online marketing.

Here, on my home on the internet, I only recommend the very best of what I've found in the way of resources, software, training, and education for online marketers. I personally own over 90% of everything I endorse here, and I only provide the very best, hands-down, period.

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