Who Am I, And What Am I All About?

Get To Know Dan Daigle

Get to know me. I want you to know who I am, where I've come from, my background, and where I want you and I to go as affiliate entrepreneurs. I have BIG goals for us!

My Background, How I Got Here

It all started for me after graduating college as a business major. Like many of you, I struggled to find a job in our current economy. Even after finding a job working for several insurance companies, I struggled financially, living paycheck to paycheck, even having to ask my parents for money to help me pay my rent. I was engaged at the time, so this brought even more emotional strain. I knew there had to be something more.

After 2 years of hardships, I started looking for what else was out there. One day, I picked up a USA Today article on my parents’ coffee table talking about an airline pilot shortage, so I dove right in, researching everything I could to learn about how to become a pilot. After only two short weeks, I had gotten out of my current lease with my roommate, taken out a $60,000 flight load from Wells Fargo, and moved to Houston to begin flying lessons. For the first 6 months, I was living out of an Extended Stay beside the highway, driving to the airport to fly and sit in a classroom 7 days a week so that I could get my ratings to become a flight instructor. I was doing this so that I could build my hours to work my way to becoming an airline pilot. I finally got all my ratings: My private pilot, multi-engine, instrument, commercial, and three separate flight instructor ratings. After this, I spent yet another 2 years teaching people how to fly, flying 7 days a week, and sleeping on the couch in the living room of an apartment right off the airport, living with 5 other flight instructors and students. I was doing this to reduce my bills, because for these 2 years, I was living off of $17,000/year. After working long and hard, I finally obtained the 1,500 hours that I needed to qualify and apply at the airlines. My first year as a First Officer, I continued to only make $18,000/year, even working full-time. Shortly thereafter, I found out that for the past 3 years my income had qualified me to apply for food stamps. I loved what I did and I knew that things were bound to get better, so I kept applying the work ethic I was taught growing up.

These financial and emotional struggles are something that probably resonate with you, because it seems like there is always something standing between us and our dreams.

Fast forward 5 more years, and I am now married, I have 2 beautiful children, and I am finally making the kind of money that I need to support myself and my family comfortably. But I had always had a dream of owning my own business and genuinely helping others in a way that was impactful one day. I had dabbled in internet marketing over the years, with no luck, spending much more than I was making on products, resources, and e-books to try and learn how to become successful. I remembered that I had been resourceful in finding a way to achieve my goal of becoming an airline pilot, and knew that I had the drive and determination to make it work, so I decided to really take it seriously, and research the proper way to become successful as an online entrepreneur. I read countless e-books, and came across so many get-rich-quick schemes that it made my head spin. “Click this button, sit back, and just watch the millions roll in.” I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements. But I knew in my heart-of-hearts that this wasn’t the way the world really worked.

One day, I stumbled across a YouTube video describing a training program that was revolutionizing affiliate marketing. What the people were saying was night-and-day to what all the other “gurus” were teaching. After countless research, it became harder and harder for me to justify not seeing what this was all about because I had a good feeling about what they were saying. I enrolled in the “Success Challenge,” which was supposedly a way to go from zero to 10K, 100K, or even 1Million as an affiliate marketer, selling other people’s products. This sounded like it was for me, because I did not have the resources or the team to come up with, manage, and give customer support for a product of my own that I would create. After only the first 3 sessions I knew that this program was unlike anything else that could possibly be out there, and the further I go into it, the more I realized that this was THE program for any affiliate marketer. What’s more, it was showing me how I could genuinely help others achieve their success by teaching them strategies and resources that I was being taught. That is exactly what I wanted, to make a difference in others’ lives, and it has helped give me a sense of fulfilment and empowerment, knowing that I’m able to reach others and help them achieve absolute success as a true independent entrepreneur.

``When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on to it and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger than the one you directed towards it.``

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